Saturday, December 4, 2010

telephone inquiry

A telephone inquiry, or TI, is a prospective member (guest) calling to get information about your contempo spa over the phone.  The beauty of the TI is the fact that this individual has somehow been motivated enough to pick up the phone and call your spa!  He/she has seriously engaged in a decision making process.  One which requires him/her to gather more information than he/she already has in order to decide if becoming a member is going to be the outcome.  Can he/she gather enough information from us over the phone to make an educated decision?  Of course not!
    That is why it is so important, that as the Spa Director/Consultant you do not give any information over the phone.  This way a qualified Spa Director/Consultant can strategically schedule an appointment for the guest to come in for a tour. 
    In some cases, many Spa Directors/Consultants might find it easier just to give our prices over the phone.  They think that this makes the caller happy so they will still come in and join. . . WRONG!  The caller has no idea what the prices represent.  They have never seen the facilities or had our services explained to them.  No matter what our price is, it will always be considered expensive if they have not seen the facility or been explained the benefits of our services. 
    A TI is a local resident inquiring about our membership fees or services for themselves or for someone else.  Most TI’s are non-members, however a member who is calling about upgrading their membership or membership information for a friend is also a TI. 

What is a Telephone Inquiry?

A Telephone Inquiry is any non-member who calls the spa
looking for information about the spa such as:
a.    Membership Pricing
b.    Membership Specials
c.    Guest Information
d.    Spa Information
e.    Enrollment Information

Who can take a Telephone Inquiry?

1.    Spa Director, Assistant Spa Director or any fully trained Spa Consultant
2.    If none of them are available, a message will need to be taken and the call will need to be returned.

Front Desks responsibility to the Telephone Inquiry
1.    Front Desk answers the call
2.    Front Desk asks caller if they are a current members
3.    If no, the front desk requests the following information:
a.    Callers name
b.    Callers phone number
c.    How the caller heard about the spa
4.    Front Desk records this information on the TI Log in the appointment binder
5.    Front Desk turns over call to Spa Consultant

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